How long does it take to complete an order?

For each order, you will be informed about the delivery time from the product description. Delivery times by The Image Architects usually do not exceed 5-15 working days !

All orders including the Fast Track update delivery time counting from the next day time 10.00am Central European Time (CET)

Example : Sending an order Tuesday noon , timer begins Wednesday morning.

How many orders can i send at the same time ?

To keep a consistent result ( keeping the same editor for every of your order ) we suggest maximum 2-3 editing orders ( or 4000images ) per delivery times !

For Fast Track orders one at a time or maximum 2000 images.

Is there a minimum requirement for placing an order?


Do you use the images that I send for advertising or other purposes?

The images you send us is completely confidential and will never be used for other purposes without your written permission!

Are there terms of use for your services?

Of course. Read here!

Can I make a trial test before placing my order?

Of course! As soon as you have selected some images to test you can go on the services page and place a free sample order , link here


How do I upload my photos?

After the ordering process, you will be prompt to simply upload your photos via Dropbox or Filemail directly to our servers.
You can send them in order of preference: LR Catalog with Smart Previews, DNG files, RAW files or even JPGs.
Note: Be careful you do not rename your files until the editing is finished and you receive the final files so that you can sync your LR Catalog and XMP files.

How can i create a Smart Lightroom Catalog?

We suggest creating a new catalog, on the Import tab on the top right menu under File Handling you will find a checkbox Build Smart Previews, check that and import your images.

If you already have a catalog simply go to the Library mode, then Library > Previews > Build Smart Previews.

After that you can send the .LRCAT and the Smart previews folder and we are good to start editing !

How can i update all the AI masks at once ?

Method 1: The easiest way to render the AI masks after your edit is complete, is to select any or all photos in the Library panel grid view and use the shortcuts OPT+CMD+U for macOS or ALT+CTRL+U for Windows.

Method 2: Additionally, you can apply the AI masks to your edits from the menu in the Library panel. When in Library, from the top menu bar select Photo > Develop Settings > Update AI Settings.

Which Editor will process my photos? Will they be able to follow my current style of work?

All of our editors are fully certified and continually retrained in the most up-to-date image editing trends. Quality control for all our work is personally carried out by the founder of The Image Architects, Nick. And we of course always follow your personal profile settings that we create so that your jobs have a conistent and recognizable style.

What process do you use to create my personal profile?

The profiling process entails an analysis of the processing samples you provide to us, studying the material posted on your site and is specialized in the long run through your cycles of Editing Requests.

Do you provide advanced photo editing? Is background change, photo combination, liquify object deletion available?

Of course we can do it. This obviously presupposes that you inform us about your specific needs.

Can I send material from other types of photography? Can I send non-wedding photos? Do you accept portrait, family, baby or maternity photography?

Of course!

How do I receive the processed material?

We will return your processed files according to what you sent. For example, if you sent the LR catalog, we will send it to you again, and if you sent DNG files again we will send the xmp files and so forth.

What do I need to know for ordering an album? (Size / shape, quality / style) etc.

You need to provide us with certain specifications for every album:
– Page width (inches)
– Page height (inches)
– Resolution (ppi or dpi)
Whether the first and last pages are a normal spread or single page Whether the first and last pages of the album should be full spreads (2 pages) or ½ spreads (1 page each)
If you have specific specifications regarding the quality of the files we will prepare, please note these on the order.

What will I receive when the album design is completed? (file types, etc.)

We usually send the spreads in JEPG format numbered. Upon request, we can also send them in PDF or Fundy Designer project file.

Is there a minimum and maximum number of pages?

No. Your printing company  may however have restrictions.

What is the difference between a page and a spread?

The spread is two opposing pages.

How long will it take to complete the design?

You will be informed upon placing the order. The response time by Albumers is usually less than 5 working days.

May I suggest corrections to the proofs?

Yes, there is provision for 2 cycles of corrections to Albums at no extra cost.

At my request, can you communicate with my client for direct feedback?

You can send the proofing link to your customer for comments.

How will I receive the final layouts?

When the design has been completed we will send you a link for downloading the final files.

Can you also design an album cover? What information will you require from me?

Of course you will need to suggest the title, sub-title and any photos you would like to use.

Can you undertake the printing of my photos, album or book?

We only undertake processing and design.

Will i pay VAT ?


If you are a professional in the EU and provide VAT ID thas is eligible for cross-country trades then NO.

If you are a professional in the EU and provide VAT ID thas is NOT eligible for cross-country trades then YES.

If you are a professional Outside of the EU and provide a valid VAT ID then NO.


If you request a receipt then you are eligible to pay the countries VAT charge which is 24% in our case.

In what currency will I be invoiced? Are any taxes charged?

You will be invoiced in USD, pounds or €, according to your preference. For professionals within the EU, excluding Greece where our business is based, there is no provision for taxation. For other parties it will be as stipulated by the law.

How are payments made?

Payments may only be made by credit card or PayPal.

May I make a deposit and settle the account upon completion of my order?

Orders are prepaid.

Can I receive discounts and better prices?

Of course. Special discounts are provided to customers that exceed a certain amount as a total turnover on a yearly basis. We also offer a special bonus when you recommend new customers. Finally, there are seasonal offers you will be informed about in our company’s newsletter.